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Military Personnel with Canine Pets

When military personnel are deployed to areas of combat, they face many difficult decisions regarding home and family. Often, one of the most devastating dilemmas is finding a temporary home for their beloved dogs where they will receive loving care while their owners are away.

Friends and Family Option

Some dog owners are fortunate enough to have a family member or friend who is both willing and able to provide care. However, friends, family, roommates and neighbors might feel compelled to take in these dogs without sufficiently considering the responsibilities involved with caring for someone else’s pet. Even if they have the best intentions, temporary caregivers could also become unable to keep the dog.

While hard to imagine, some service members return home only to find that their dog has been surrendered to a shelter, sold or given away without their knowledge. This doesn’t have to happen. Now there is Ari’s Place where dogs can enjoy the love, attention and care they deserve while their owners are away.

Boarding Option

Placing dogs in a reputable boarding facility may ensure that the animal is kept happy and healthy. But, this can be cost thousands of dollars, even with military discounts.

Advertising for a New Home

Sometimes the only apparent option is to try to find these dogs a new home. NEVER leave this to the last minute and NEVER use classified ads in newspapers, ads on Craigslist or personal flyers.

Animals re-homed by these means are often resold or given away; some ending up as victims of abuse or dog fighting. We can help!

The Best Option

When there is no one else to care for canine companions of active military on deployment, the MILITARY MUTTZ PROGRAM at Ari’s Place provides a safe, nurturing, home-like environment.

Ari’s Place is a cage-free sanctuary where dogs can roam the grounds, throughout the day and always with access to shelter from the elements. Daily activities such as water play, agility training and fun sports are available appropriate to the dogs’ interests and ages.

Our Medical Director is available for regular, routine care.

Volunteers are assigned to specific dogs for continuity and monitoring.

Pet parents may remain in contact with their pets through letters, photos and Skype when available.

There is someone onsite 24/7 to ensure security.

Welcome Home

There is nothing more rewarding than to see the love and excitement on a dog’s face when its pet parent returns home.


There is no fee for this service but, because we are a non-profit organization, we depend on private donations in any amount to support our programs.