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Building Fund

Ari Had A Dream is the only dog sanctuary that provides lifetime care for pets when their owners can no longer provide for them due to death or incapacity. We are dedicated to preventing these homeless pets being placed in high risk shelters and/or being euthanized because there is no place for them to go.

The challenge we face is to develop a strategic plan whereby we may fulfill our mission, in perpetuity, reach our goals and realize our vision.

Beloved companion dogs that are suddenly without their human’s care, short term or long term and for whatever reason, deserve to continue to live out their lives in a warm nurturing home-­‐ like environment.

  • They do not deserve to be sent to a shelter where they may be euthanized the same day because they are considered an “owner surrender”.
  • They do not deserve to be euthanized.
  • They do not deserve to be abandoned.
  • And, they do not deserve to be the subject of a “Free to good home” advertisement.

They need Ari’s Place and Ari’s Place needs a home. We need a sizable facility to house a number of dogs. We need a safe and magical backyard in which they can play or just relax. Our dogs will have free access to indoors and outdoors whenever they wish.

They will enjoy many services and amenities that require space and money.

In fact, this project, in its totality will require a LOT of money. We are depending on generous donors, like you, to make Ari’s dream come true

You may donate through PayPal, GoFundMe or by check and you will be provided with a tax deductible receipt.

Metal name plaques on our commemorative wall, bricks and/or tiles in honor of or in memory of a loved one, a special pet or even a notable event will be awarded when donations of a particular dollar amount are received.

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